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755nm alexandrite laser hair removal machine From POPIPL

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755nm alexandrite laser hair removal machine From POPIPL

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755nm alexandrite laser hair removal machine From POPIPL
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: POPIPL
Model Number: POP-AL3


POPIPL's 755 Alexandrite Laser hair removal with 10.4 inch TFT color screen---New 2014!


Hair removal:
Permanently remove lip hair, beard hair, chest hair, armpit hair, hair on back, hair outside bikini line etc.
Photo rejuvenation:
repair damaged skin safely and quickly; whiten and tighten skin; effective treatment for skin water shortage, coarse skin,minimize face pore, tiny wrinkle, remove vascular; effectively remove spots; improve the elasticity and glossy of skin.

System Type




Pulse Width

Adjustable 0.5-30ms

Spot Size


Maximum Rep Rate

3 Hz

Aiming Beam

Blue/ Green

Skin Cooling System

Cold air or integrated cooling

Electrical Requirements

110VAC/ 20A or 200/220 VAC/ 30A

Size (H x W x D)

104cm x 38cm x 64cm



Features and Advantages:
Most Effective Hair Removal Technology Available
POPIPl’s 755nm Alexandrite Laser provides permanent hair reduction for skin types 1 through 4. The system is based on alexandrite technology which is superior to other wavelengths in providing permanent results.
Faster Treatments - With an 18 mm spot size treatments are quick. The underarms can each be treated in less than 2 minutes. There are no gels to apply and topical anesthetics are normally not needed, saving even more time.
More Flexibility
POPIPl’s 755nm Alexandrite Laser also comes with an 8 mm spot size that allows more flexibility in the areas being treated, such as the nose and ears.
Multiple Applications
Pigmented lesions, including sun and age spots, freckles, cafe-au-lait and melasma; and vascular lesions such as leg veins.
More Comfort for Patients
The unique DCD cryogen cooling system offers safe and consistent cryogen spray protection for greater patient safety and comfort. Additionally, this means there are no cooling gels to apply before the treatment.
Easy Updating as a good option
Upgraded by adding a 1064-nm Nd:YAG module-allowing you to leverage your original equipment investment and expand your capabilities as your practice grows.

755nm alexandrite laser hair removal machine From POPIPL




































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